Tropical Escape Party!




This spring’s big party is finally here! We have gathered Ekonomikum’s finest for one night where people from our different communities come together. We wanted to sunbathe and swim with piña colada, so instead we’re taking the long-awaited vacation to Norrlands nation for a TROPICAL ESCAPE!

Dress as if you were in Bali, Jamaica or Hawaii. Bring out the hula skirt and flipflops to get some of that tropical March feeling.

🌴 LOCATION: Norrlands nation
🌴 TIME: 21-02
🌴 THEME: Tropical escape
🌴 COST: 70 SEK
Plus Giro: PG 400715-9
Swish: 123 451 31 56
NOTE! Mark the payment with your name + tropical. You can only pay for one person at the time.

In the evening we will have a great DJ, no less than DJ Ormos!

Not only that – but for an hour, we will have a democratic dance floor!! Theme for this TBA.

In addition to an exotic dance floor there will be access to beer pong, ping pong, games and limbo!

Norrlands nation also treats us as the fine people we are and will have special tropical drinks in the bar during the evening! ☀️👙🍹

So how do you register for this grand event? You sign up through the form below and pay via Swish or PG no later than on Sunday, 18/3, and the payment has to be marked with your name + tropical. Nation card required.

Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. So do not get left behind!!

ALOHA and SEE YOU THERE greetings from Föreningen Uppsala Medievetare, Föreningen Samvetarna Uppsala, Uppsala Systemvetare och Uppsala Politicesstuderande.