The Sports and Activity Committee


The Sports- and Activity Committee, also called SpAken, is the committee of UPS that focuses on arranging various physical or relaxing activities for the members. The purpose of the committee is to create a break from an intense life as a student by offering frequent sport events, such as running sessions, football games, gymnastics and dance practice. Apart from that we also arrange more relaxed activities such as game nights, laser game, and the annual ski-trip to Åre. All activities are arranged by politices-students, for politices-students. You are always welcome to contact us with suggestions and ideas for an activity you think we should arrange, our aim is to have fun activities suitable for all members. Please do come to our meetings and activities and help us make reality of our goals by contributing with new ideas and positive energy.
The easiest way to contact SpAken is by email: See you on the next meeting!