Event & Culture Committee

The Committee responsible for organizing parties is called “Eken” and it gives the opportunity to all political science students to hit the dance floor and encourages cultural activities. These events give students a chance to socialize beyond class limits, and strengthen the ties within the program.

Activities include the insparksgasque – “orientation gasque”, at the beginning of autumn. Every semester there is a gasque as well as a more informal event a Mitterminsfesten/ “Mid-term party” – both are very popular. Apart from this, other festivities are arranged according to popular demand these include: pubcrawls, songbook parties and exam parties. In terms of culture, everything from visits to operas and theatres to karaoke nights are organized. The committee is ever evolving according to the wishes of the members. Both commitment and ideas are always welcome in the middle of the revelry. Some other active groups in Eken include: Polkapella (our choir), the book club, the film club and the dance group Poldans.

Do you want to know more, or help out in Eken? Be pleased to contact the current chairperson on eken@uppsalapolitices.se